With the current Covid environment kids' sports have been altered and kids have been limited on their ability to practice and to be outdoors. We want to encourage the community to stay active but also engage the community in a fun teambuilding way designed to help youth sports fundraise for their team needs. The team's inability to run normal operations have drastically impacted the organization and this is a great way to get the community to help support their local scholastic athletes. 

B3 has partnered with the TĒM app to bring a comprehensive wellness challenge designed to engage your athletes, prepare them for their upcoming season while also helping their local community reach their wellness goals. 

What is TĒM?


TĒM is a new app built on community, empowerment and accountability and designed to make total health improvement accessible and simple for everyone.  Total health includes physical, mental and nutritional health.   

With TĒM, you can build your “tēm” and create and customize community-based Goals and Challenges using a variety of metrics and activities.  It is designed for everyone who wants to manage and improve their health, from those just beginning their health and wellness journey to the elite athlete.  

Our fundraising platform makes engagement fun and easy by utilizing your mobile or wearable technology to track and manage progress.

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Active Fundraisers

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Liberty Pines Academy

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R. J. Murray Middle School


Gamble Rogers Middle School


Landrum Middle School

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Fruit Cove Middle School

Pacetti Bay  Middle School


Mill Creek


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Sebastian Middle School


Palm Valley Academy

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Freedom Crossing Middle School


Patriot Oaks Academy

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Switzerland Point Middle School