B3 Better consists of a team of highly educated coaches and trainers with a vast knowledge in building strong and successful teams. Our experience in training players from the Olympics to the national leagues like the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL etc., As well as the ability to create custom programs in a group setting makes our product stand apart from other programs and trainers.


The best coaches, the best training tools and programs are right here at your fingertips. Our assessment allows you to understand as an athlete not only where you stack up to the competition, but also what steps you need to take in order for you to reach your personal ceiling. An athlete can also know that all of their data is verified and accurate and college coaches know and trust the information received.

Meet the Coaches




Byron Wilson believes in everyone achieving a better and fulfilling life through great health. Coaching since the age of 21, he looks for balance in all aspects of his and his client's’ life. He teaches his clients to boldly pursue their performance dreams with his commitment coaching style. This style allows them to be personally responsible for their own performance goals. Byron believes in giving clients the ability to continue  the regimen long after working with him, he believes in matching your performance dreams with achievable goals. He has more than ten years experience in helping people achieve performance greatness.  Achievable and believable fitness goals help to unlock a permanent change in a person's life versus a fad which changes as the wind blows.




Jerrian Sanders is one of the leading sports performance specialists in the country. A graduate from Georgia Southern University in 2004, Jerrian received his degree in Kinesiology. He is the founder of Sanders Elite Training Performance in Jacksonville, Florida. He began his training career at The High Intensity Training Center of Jacksonville, where he was the athletic director for 5 years. Jerrian designs and implements performance based training programs for elite youth, college as well as professional athletes. He has played a significant role in the company’s rise as one of the premier sports performance institutions in the country. He designs all camps, clinics and combines held by B3 Better, which are directed under his close supervision.




Jordan Cook is the current Assistant Director of Sports Performance at B3Better. He joined B3 after completing his time at Georgia Southern University where he obtained his masters degree in Kinesiology. During his time at Georgia Southern he also served as a graduate assistant strength & conditioning coach for a range of sports. He completed his undergraduate at the University of Maine Presque Isle where he lettered a 4 year athletic career while also studying athletic training. He is currently a certified and licensed athletic trainer, as well as a certified strength & conditioning coach. While working in both sports performance and medicine Jordan has acquired experience working with a wide range of ages and abilities from high school to professional athletes. He believes in using an evidence based approach to training, utilizing common methods which sport general but athlete specific.




Kara Adams is currently completing an internship at B3 Better. She recently completed her masters degree in Kinesiology at Georgia Southern University. While at GSU she completed a graduate assistantship teaching anatomy and weight training classes. She also graduated from Georgia Southern University with her bachelor's degree in Exercise Science With experience working with many different populations to obtain her Certified Cardiac Rehabilitation Professional (CCRP). Continuing her education with B3, learning and working in the Strength and Conditioning field. 



B3 Better has partnered up with leading companies in their respective fields to bring each athlete the best and most comprehensive athletic training and testing.

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